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What We Do

Being Economist is a platform that provides access to interested, relevant economic content and summaries to students, researchers, and academia. We published reviews of the theories, current financial situations, etc. in the best possible way. 

Why We Do It

Today’s world is more complicated than the past one and day by day, and it is becoming more complex. Consequently, economic situations, policies, and decisions are also becoming more complicated that the targeted population cannot understand easily. It is challenging to keep a pulse on the global economy. On the other hand, the audience wants to make a rational decision. Still, without understanding the phenomena and having relevant information, it isn’t easy to exist rationally, that is the reason being Economist came into existence.   

How We Do It

All the material which we will share on this platform is based on the economic literature, textbooks, academic researches, and university lectures. We tried our level best to cover all possible aspects of basic as well as advance economic concepts. Bearing quality assurance, we rely on different economic textbooks, research papers, and world well-renowned platforms, i.e. IMF, World Bank, UNICEF, World Economic Forum, etc. 

How We Stay in Touch

We always welcome your suggestions, feedback, questions, you can send us through the contacting us page, or you can also contact us through our Facebook page.  

What Else You Need to Know

To bear the expenses of this platform, we are aiming to join some advertising platforms soon.